Resort Floorplans

There are numerous floor plans for you and your family to choose from in both single and double wide configurations. The Resort series is designed to meet your needs and integrate key features in this spacious, comfortable and innovative line of models.

RACKERBY (44x12) 2 BR 528 SQ FT

RADISSON (41x12) 1 BR 492 SQ FT

RAMSEY (39x14) 1 BR 540 SQ FT

RANCHERIA (43 X 12) 2 BR W 20x12 ADD 516+215 SQFT

RAYMORE (40 X 12) 2 BR W 40x12 ADD 480+480 SQFT

RED DEER (41 X 13) 2 BR W 13x10 ADD 536+130 SQFT

REDSTONE (43x12) 2 BR W 20x13 ADD 540+260 SQFT

REMINGTON (40x13) 1 BR 525 SQ FT

RENOUS (39x14) 2 BR W 20x14 ADD 540+300 SQFT

RESOLUTE (41x12) 2 BR W 20x12 ADD 492+240 SQFT

RESTORTON (42x12) 3 BR W 42x12 ADD 504+504 SQFT

REYNOLDS (38x14) 2 BR W 33x14 ADD 532+462 SQFT

REVELSTOKE (39x14) 2 BR 539 SQ FT

RICHAN (37x12) 2 BR W 18x12 ADD 444+216 SQ FT

RICHDALE (41x12) 2 BR W 41x12 ADD 540+529 SQ FT

RICHELIEU (41x13) 2 BR 533 SQ FT

RIDGETOWN 2 (44x12) 2 BR 535 SQ FT

RIDGEWAY (40x13) 2 BR W 32x13 ADD 520+416 SQ FT

RIKERSTON (39x14) 3 BR W 20x12 ADD 540+240 SQ FT

RIPLEY (42x13) 2 BR 540 SQ FT

RIVERSIDE (42x13) 2 BR 540 SQ FT

RIVERVIEW (41x12) 2 BR 493 SQ FT

ROCKCLIFFE (41x12) 2 BR W 20x12 ADD 488+240 SQ FT

ROGERVILLE (41x12) 2 BR W 20x12 ADD 488+240 SQ FT

ROSEDALE (40x14) 2 BR 540 SQ FT

RUSTICO 2 (44x12) 2 BR 540 SQ FT

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