Frontier Floorplans

There are 6 floor plans for you and your family to choose from. The Frontier series is designed to meet your needs and integrate key features in this spacious, comfortable and economical model.

FORESTER 19 (F3612 2BR CD - 426 SQ.FT. + 213 SQ.FT)

FENWICK 19 (F3812 2BR F - 454 SQ.FT.)

FLORENCE 19 (F3714 3BR CK - 502 SQ.FT.)

FONTHILL 19 (F3714 2BR CK - 502 SQ.FT.)

FONTROSE 19 (F3714 2BR CK - 540 SQ.FT.)

FREDERICTON 19 (F3812 2BR CK - 450 SQ.FT.)

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