Parkland Floorplans

There are 11 double wide floor plans for you and your family to choose from. The Parkland series is designed to meet your needs and integrate key features in this spacious, comfortable and innovative line of models.

PALOMINO 19 - (P4928)

PARIS 19 - (P4724)

PARKVIEW 19 - (P5124)

PAULISTA 19 - (P5126)

PEYTON 19 - (P5128)

PICCADILLY 19 - (P4824)

PINEDALE 19 - (P4928)

PRADA 19 - (P4624)

PRESCOTT 19 - (P5026)

PRISTINA 19 - (P4626)

PROSPECT 19 - (P5128)

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