Resort, the ultimate retreat


The Resort Series is the pinnacle of the entire Huron Ridge model line. If quality homes are judged by fit and finish this is what makes the Resort Series the top of our line. With large windows, 90” sidewalls and vaulted ceilings providing a bright and airy feeling as you step through the front door. Moving into the living room area provides the same warmth, an optional fireplace, an entertainment cabinet with built-in storage and comfortable sitting areas to relaxing. Open concept kitchens with optional transom windows above to bring in more light add to the overall ambience, making the Resort Series the ultimate retreat.


4 Handy Make-Ahead Camp Meals

Getting out to the campground with family can be the best time of year. It’s a time to relax and spend time together without the demands of everyday life getting in the way, but the one thing you just can’t avoid is cooking. Growing up camping, I remember eating a lot...

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Toronto Spring RV Show

With (13) General Coach units, our biggest display yet, you won't want to miss the "Big One". Showcasing all new interiors, a 1 1/2 Wide Black Diamond and several new Huron Ridge plans. You are certain to find the Park Model of your dreams.

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5 Ontario National Parks That Are Free To Visit In 2017

If you haven’t already heard, all Canadian National Parks are free to visit this year! This is exciting news, especially for those who can’t get enough of the outdoors.  In order to get your admission fee waived, you’ll need a 2017 Discovery Pass, which you can get...

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Floor Plans

In this section you will find floor plans for this series. We have created a 360-degree image for some of our floor plans.


To make you new home uniquely yours our interior designers have created design packages unique in colour and texture.


Our dealers across Canada will help guide you through the process. We have included there location and contact information.


In this section you will find STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS for Resort Series. If you cannot find the information you need feel free to contact us.