Built to withstand Canadian winters


With so much more space available thanks to the additional square footage allowances, these units can be designed with up to 1400sqft of luxurious freedom. Each and every Parkland is built full of quality features and can be customized with your favorite wood finishes, flooring, countertops and décor packages. Uncompromised standards are assured all units are manufactured to CSA Z-240 specifications, giving you four season comfort, and years of enjoyment.


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Floor Plans

In this section you will find floor plans for this series. We make every effort to utilize and optimize this unique space.


To make you new home uniquely yours our interior designers have created design packages unique in colour and texture.


Our dealers across Canada will help guide you through the process. We have included there location and contact information.


STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS for Parkland Series. If you cannot find the information you need feel free to contact us.